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The following sections of the town code which are of particular interest to home-owners and residents have been reproduced for the convenience of users.

TOWN HOUSE: 321 Bedford Road, Bedford Hills, 10507

    • Supervisor: John R. Dinin Telephone: 666-6530
    • Town Board: Lee V. A. Roberts, James Renwick.,Elizabeth Bailey, Bradford Purcell Telephone: 666-6530
    • Town Clerk Mary F. Hart Telephone: 666-4534
    • Assessor: Thomas Polzella Telephone: 666-5149
    • Attorney: James F. Donohue Telephone: 666 6530
    • Building Inspector: David Brown Telephone: 666-8040
    • Finance & Personnel: Patricia Ploss Telephone: 666-5307
    • Highway Superintendent: Gary L. Hayes Telephone: 666-7669
    • Justices: Charles G. Banks, George Sirignano Telephone: 666-6965
    • Receiver of Taxes: Mary L. Vockins Telephone: 666-4475
    • Recreation Superintendent: Donald Papa Telephone: 666-7004


The town has several boards and advisory committees that meet on a regular schedule. Scheduled meetings are noted on the calendar, but it is always a good idea to check for last minute changes or cancellations.

    • Town Board First and third Tuesday
    • Planning Board Second Tuesday (Often schedules work sessions on Third and Fourth Tuesdays: Schedule may vary)
    • Zoning Board of Appeals First Wednesday
    • Wetlands Control Commission First Monday
    • Conservation Board Second Thursday
    • Historic District Review Commission Second Thursday (Meets in Bedford Village Free Library Building)
    • Recreation and Parks Advisory Commission Second Wednesday (Meets in Planning trailer)


The following text is reproduced from the Bedford brochure by Patricia Ploss, Copyright © 1990 by the Town of Bedford and used with permission.

Bedford's town Government offices are located in the Town House in Bedford Hills and this is where a resident can find almost every necessary municipal service. Offices are open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

A resident can find out about the assessment on his home and property in the ASSESSOR'S OFFICE and questions about current taxes, overdue taxes, and tax rates can be answered in the RECEIVER OF TAXES Office where school bills may be paid in September and January and where Town and County bills may be paid in April.

One of the most popular offices is that of the TOWN CLERK where residents may register to vote, secure a marriage license, get a commuter parking permit, license the family dog or purchase several Historical publications. The Town Clerk, elected to a four year term, is responsible for the safekeeping of Town records, supervising elections, issuing a number of various licenses and permits, and, as the Registrar of Vital Statistics, is responsible for recording births and deaths within the Town.

The SUPERVISOR'S OFFICE is the busiest in the Town House and where the Supervisor, as Chief Executive Officer, oversees the Town's day to day operations. The statutory duties of the Supervisor are only a small part of the tasks which accrue to this role as community and inter-community leader. The FINANCE OFFICE, an arm of the Supervisor's office, assists in the creation and administration of the Town's budget, pays the Town's bills and oversees the payroll for the nearly 160 Town employees.

The PLANNING OFFICE and Director of Planning should be the first points of inquiry regarding any special permits and property questions relating to subdivisions or any change of use of land or buildings.

The office of the BUILDING INSPECTOR is where requests for building permits, certificates of compliance or occupancy should be directed while the ZONING BOARD OF APPEALS OFFICE can assist a resident wishing to appeal a decision by the Planning Board, Building Inspector, or Town Board, depending on the issue.

The COURT CLERK'S Office is where you will pay any parking ticket. Two Town Justices hold sessions of Criminal Court, Civil Court and Traffic Court. Residents wishing to sue in Small Claims Court, where claims cannot exceed $1,500, should visit this office.

And tucked away on the top floor of the Town House is the TOWN HISTORIAN'S OFFICE and the BEDFORD HISTORICAL LIBRARY which is open limited hours and by appointment.

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